[Feature request] Make course leaderboard easier to access

On the Android App, the only time one can look at the course ranking scores is after a finishing a test, not before (which is different to the web).

This information is useful in seeing how popular a course is recently and how many points I need to achieve to get in the top 10.

@ale_c would it be possible to see the individual scores and ranking of courses before starting to learn some more or to revise?
(It isn’t of course possible to see new courses on the App, one has to go to the web for that.)

It’s been like that for at least a year …

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I wonder why almost nobody raised this issue before. It was introduced more than a year ago - when they changed main page.

Yep, just found it: #17 on the Android bugs thread, reported in April 2019, so it’s been like that for over two years now!


Just to confirm, this is a design change implemented some time ago, not a bug. But thanks for raising your feedback! I’ll create a feature request for this (making the leaderboard section more visible and accessible from the app’s homepage).