Feature Request: Let us mark words/phrases as “mastered” or “tricky” independently

I feel very strongly that I should be able to independently mark a word/phrase as “learned” (so that I never see it again) or “tricky” (so that it stays in my tricky words area indefinitely).


See my posting here:

That’s great news, thank you. I’ve clicked around quite a bit, but I can’t see the “mark word as difficult” option anywhere. Would you be able to tell me where it is on the phone app? Thank you.

Its hidden quite well: during a session (learn, review, etc.) you’ll see the flower icon on the top right. tap the three dots below it - this will open a popup where you can either ignore the word or (un-) flag it as being difficult.

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Thanks very much!

With the Android app, you can also flag words as difficult by opening a level page and then tapping on the lightning bolt icon to the right of the word. To ignore the word, open the level page, tap on the word and then on the three dots. The iOS app doesn’t have these features but any words flagged from the web version or the Android app should sync across.


Thank you - I’m on iOS unfortunately. I really appreciate the support. Hopefully there will be an “I don’t need to see this word again” option and availability for iOS users soon :slightly_smiling_face:

For the time being, just use the web!

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Thank you!

The feature on the web is useful … but what would be really useful, actually useful for a paid app, would be to have the software understand that learning cognates is way simpler than learning words that have no obvious sonic or visual connection across languages. For cognates, all we’re really learning is spelling and gender, and that should be fairly quick and direct to quiz — those test should directly address whether the user has learned the spelling, and/or whether they’ve learned the right gendered article.

The less direct connection there is between words across languages, the more the software should know to repeat, intervene, help suggest mnemonic links, etc. At the moment, although it’s nice to be able to force the software to review words that I find more challenging, the software doens’t really do anything to itself figure out that a word/phrase is probably more challenging, and then offer to review it in different ways.