[Feature Request] Learning for drivers

(Fbio Molinar) #1

Hi there,

I have recently started using your app. I was planning in using it to learn a new language as I commute to work and back home. But since I am almost always the driver and because the app requires a lot of manual (read, using one’s hands) use, I am not being able to use it as much as I intended.

Therefore, it would be great if the app would have the capabilities to be used hands-free. One way I can think of it, for example, is by having a good voice controlled interaction with the app.


(Silverbear) #2

Many years ago I was doing a lot of driving every day and decided to use the time to improve my French. I stopped after an episode on the motorway when I nearly ended up in a load of bollards. I was concentrating on the French more than my driving.
Maybe you can split your thinking processes better than I, but thought I’d add as a word of caution.

(Fbio Molinar) #3

That’s a good point. And that’s definitely what would happen with me if I would try it since the app requires a lot of manual interaction and you need to keep your eyes on the screen.

My desire is for the app to be functional only with voice and by hearing it. This way you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel.

Just like most all of us listen to the radio or music while driving, I would like to hear whatever language course I intend to take.

(Silverbear) #4

Alas, my course was pre-Memrise etc and so audio only. Because of my interest in the course, I could drive all the way from Bristol to Kent without remembering anything of the drive.
For me, I only listen to the semi-mundane in the car now.

(Rainbow Meow Face) #5

I wouldn’t advise this either, even with something that could have that functionality, it would not be a good idea while driving (and in many places would be against the law even handsfree as it’d be pretty distracting). A purely listening thing would be best (rather than something you have to answer.) I know there used to be CD’s that did this, so there’s bound to be better ones nowadays.