[Feature Request] Larger text please

(Deathspiralli) #1

I do enjoy using Memrise, but one huge issue for me is the text size being too small, and I think the recent update has made it even worse.

I’m an iPad Pro user who is visually impaired, and although I know I can zoom in, doing so is slow, awkward and I often end up selecting something by mistake.

When I get to the questions where I have to listen and type, I often just skip the word because I can’t tell the difference between some of the letters like ‘i’ and ‘l’. It’s really annoying because I feel like I’m not getting the most out of the course, and surely increasing the font size isn’t a huge ask?

I really hope you take my feedback on board so Memrise is easier to use for everyone.

(Marc Ev) #2

I fully support this request for larger (adaptable) font size.
I am learning chinese and some characters are quite complex to write.
Can you see all the strokes in this character 馕?
And there is plenty of space on the screen to enlarge the font size.

(Aaron13100) #3

I agree. I also agree with https://community.memrise.com/t/feature-request-font-size-in-app-is-too-small-for-kanji/ and https://community.memrise.com/t/text-size-in-app-too-small-for-kanji/