Feature request: Is it possible for Pro User to fix the "Suggested Action" to a fix Action on frontpage?

For each course on the landing page you get a button with a suggested action like continue; chat; review and so on. For free members it`s part of the advertising to also suggest locked actions.

But mostly I review words and occasionally I learn new ones when finished reviewing. So for me it makes sense to fix the review Action as fast Access to the button.

P.S.: I recognised that you fixed several Errors, close decks, so I decided to renew my pro subscription. I noticed that download is now working, thank you for that!


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Some time ago there was no “suggested action” button. It’s crazy that robotic algorithm is telling people what to do. It’s also crazy that there’s no revolting against it. Are we really sinking so low that we can’t make our own choices? Most certainly I would love to make it gone, quick access to another action or a set of actions with small icons would also be fine.

Some years ago there were different Icons, but after the increasing of possible actions, they decided to redesign it in this way….

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