[Feature Request] Import data from google sheets

It would be beneficial to have an option to import data from google sheets.

Motivation: you can have a wordlist / phrases list in one column and fill other columns by using script to AI translate words/phrases to other languages, add alternatives, pronunciation, parts of speech, insert memes - all automatically. Creating one reference column in English would allow automated translations to other languages trivially.

Creating translations by hand is tiresome.

Memrise servers wouldn’t even have to store course data in their own database (just cache it), but only track user progress.

What do you think?

Just in case you are not aware @neaz333, and if you mean from Spreadsheets, you can copy and bulk add into your MemRise course database or I prefer to do bits at a time to new levels.

You can also have blank columns to be filled in later.

Could you do your AI script to your spreadsheet first?

I also think that if you add from a MemRise database, it will automatically fill the other columns for you, but I haven’t tried that.

Hope that helps.