[Feature Request] Hiragana reading above Kanji


I’m wondering if I am not the only one who is confused by multiple consecutive Kanjis - it’s really difficult to connect the sound with the “letter”.
Is it possible to implement some sort of “help” for the Kanji, just like in this picture?


I desperately want this. Furigana above or below the kanji would be extremely helpful, and is standard in most learning materials. I learn the correct kanji to use in review sessions without remembering how to pronounce them.

It’s a bit frustrating to use even more apps, but for now i can recommend Kanji Tree. I use it together with Memrise to check the correct pronunciation and meanings of Kanji.

I use Obenkyo as app for Kanji learning. Also, via webbrowser all investigations can be done via jisho.org , a very cool site. They also put the hiragana above the kanji.

Necroing this thread as I have the same problem. This makes pronunciation tests more difficult. I also wish there were some indication of which syllables I’m mispronouncing.

As a fun fact, these little characters are called “Ruby characters”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruby_character :slight_smile:

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I fully agree. Furigana are essential for anyone just starting out in Japanese and I find it absurd that so many online learning programs don’t use them.

There is absolutely no point in giving people timed “tests” for language learning if they don’t know which pronunciation of the Kanji they are supposed to use, and since even Japanese native speakers have trouble I cannot understand why the developers of these learning programs seem to think we can just magically absorb this kind of thing!