[Feature Request] Hiragana reading above Kanji


I’m wondering if I am not the only one who is confused by multiple consecutive Kanjis - it’s really difficult to connect the sound with the “letter”.
Is it possible to implement some sort of “help” for the Kanji, just like in this picture?


I desperately want this. Furigana above or below the kanji would be extremely helpful, and is standard in most learning materials. I learn the correct kanji to use in review sessions without remembering how to pronounce them.

It’s a bit frustrating to use even more apps, but for now i can recommend Kanji Tree. I use it together with Memrise to check the correct pronunciation and meanings of Kanji.

I use Obenkyo as app for Kanji learning. Also, via webbrowser all investigations can be done via jisho.org , a very cool site. They also put the hiragana above the kanji.