[feature request] Hindering Mems

Some courses I have seen have mems that are not merely useless, but are misleading or downright wrong.
This problem I see more on very small courses with few mems.
I know there is an option to flag mems, but as that alerts a member of staff and is for inappropriate mems, I feel that there should be an other option to get rid of misguiding mems.

An example of one is on the Scottish Gaelic in 12 weeks course (https://app.memrise.com/course/877122/scottish-gaelic-in-12-weeks-lesson-1-7/garden/learn/?recommendation_id=c27a6bf0-12f6-4582-99a8-ef85c89f8910&source_element=scb&source_screen=dashboard), on the first level is a mem saying that Math is pronounced “la”. This is just wrong. Math is pronounced /ma/ and I can only presume the memwriter misheard the audio.