[Feature Request] Formatting Text in Courses

I would like to be able to format my text-based levels in some of the courses that I’ve made. I think that this would make the information much easier to understand.

While I was typing this post, I noticed that Markdown, BBCode and HTML format were all supported, but this appears not to be the case for the text-based levels.

I want to be able to do things like this and this and

  • these
  • bullet
  • points
perhaps even
a table

I believe that these things are not currently possible. Please add this feature, it would make levels a lot easier to understand.

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I don’t think (!) it’s possible to add formatting to a course’s description. I’ve tried tons of things but eventually gave up. :slightly_frowning_face:

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That’s a shame. It’s possible here, so surely it wouldn’t be that difficult to do the same in the description and in the levels? Do you know if there is a place for suggesting new features or is this already the right place?

Yes, the forum is the right place for feature suggestions. I’m sure there was a sub forum for feature requests, but I can’t seem to find it anymore which may or may not be related to all the changes due to Decks coming up.
For the time being, I’d suggest to create a new thread and prefix its subject with “[Feature Request]”.

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OK, I will do that, thanks for the advise.

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I’ve asked for (not sure where now!) :

  1. A serif text like Verdana - very important to distinguish I (i) for l (L).

  2. A chance to impose a smaller font if individual entries in one column has a lot of text.
    (I know there are setting but it doesn’t achieve what I want and I often have to ‘zoom out’.)

I found a way of making a table. It’s a bit of a bodge, but it works.
This is the “code”:

---------------- Active ---- Passive

Past --------- ZX-intaXZ ----- ZX-itaXZ

Present ---- ZX-antaXZ ----- ZX-ataXZ

Future ------ ZX-ontaXZ ----- ZX-otaXZ

Note: I’m not sure how to show the character ` without it taking effect so I’ve replaced each one with an X.
The same goes for the _ which I have replace with a Z.
If someone knows how to show this code without it taking effect, please let me know.

Click here to find out what it looks like. Level 42 has even bigger “tables”. Perhaps I got a little carried away when I realised that this could be done.

If you click on the edit icon at the top right of this comment you can see the raw text/“code”.
Here is the table again:

---------------- Active ---- Passive

Past -------- -inta ----- -ita

Present-anta ----- -ata

Future ----- -onta ----- -ota

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Gee, I must say that I don’t understand exactly how you succeeded in injecting a code-section into the HTML.
As for escaping the apostrophe, check Wikipedia’s article on escaping HTML entities. For the apostrophe, this would be & apos; - without the space; can’t write it here as it gets transformed into the symbol here as well.

“I must say that I don’t understand exactly how you succeeded in injecting a code-section into the HTML.”

Neither do I, just tried some things until it worked.

Also, I didn’t use an apostrophe. I used a back quote.