[feature request] For review, could you add an all in one test

(2407960427) #1

First, I want to say thank you and well done for making this nice app.
I’m a paid user using Chinese version to learn Japanese now in iOS.
The current vocabulary review or test is limited in its own section, I wonder could you add a review all in one review test. Like I’m currently at section 10, I can enter a test for section 1-10.
Thank you!

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(Olaf Rabbachin) #2

Not sure whether I understood you correctly. But apart from the regular repetition, i. e. covering all levels (chapters) you have learned (either completely or partially) you can also click/tap a specific level and then repeat only words in that specific level. This applies to both the web and the app (at least Android, not sure about iOS).

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Hi @2407960427,

On the iOS app version, when you have words in more than one section (or level) ready for review, you can review them in one test.

When you see the watering can icon against more than one level, like in the following example:

…tap the 3 yellow dots to take you to this view:

…then tap on the “Review” icon and you will be tested on all items ready for review in that course.

Sorry if I have misunderstood. I don’t think it is currently possible to review everything you have learned in a course (that is not currently ready for review under SRS) in a single (extra) review. If you want to do ‘extra’ reviews, I think it is only possible to do these one level (section) at a time, as Olaf says above.

Hope this helps.