[Feature Request] for pairing (matching) tests on the App

On the Android App, when I get something wrong on typing tests, you kindly show me what it should be, by showing the edited wrong and correct version.

However in pairing tests - where I have to match a phrase to another phrase (chosen from several other alternatives), (either on a foreign/ own language translation course, to select the end of a quote, or an answer to a question and possibly matching a word to a picture), you do not show what I chose if I get it wrong.

Sometimes I am virtually sure I got it right, so it is good to know why I didn’t.

This would help with our learning.

On the web, you show the correct answer by turning the square green and the wrong one I selected red with a cross. This is very helpful - although rather too briefly at times!

Ask if you want clarification.



There’s something that has been bothering me for quite some time, too. Particularly, when doing a speed review session in the app and you get something wrong, you get no audio for the correct item. Instead, the correct entry is highlighted green, but the app moves on to the next word far too quickly …


It should be somehow highlighted. I’d suggest to automatically return to incorrectly answered item after the session.