Feature request for Official Memrise Courses: Option to turn the pronunciation feature off

So I am a long-term user of the Memrise. And I found as very annoying that I cannot completely turn off “Pronunciation” classes. I don’t use it, I don’t want to practice my pronunciation with a bot. So each I have to start this class and just click “Skip”-“Skip” multiple times.

Please, consider such an option for profile, to be able just totally stop showing this type of classes within courses.

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What exactly do you mean when you say ““Pronunciation” classes?”

I am asking this because you have posted this in the Decks part of the forum and the pronunciation feature offered by memrise (where you can record yourself saying a word and the app will judge whether you said it correctly) is only available on official memrise courses.

Or do you just mean that you want to switch off the audio?

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Hello Amanda,
I am talking exactly about the official memrise courses and exactly about the feature of judging whether I said is correct. I don’t like this feature. I don’t want to use it. However when I am passing courses via mobile app I cannot just skip this type of classes when they appear as the next exercise. I have to go through it and just pressing “skip-skip-skip” which is very annoying.
So I propose introduce a customisation, so users could select what type of exercises they want and which they don’t want to use.

OK, I will move your post (I received so-called “leader” status from the memrise team a while back) to the memrise part of the forum as this is not a “Decks Bug” problem.

I have also renamed your post to make it clearer what it is you want.

Yes, that would be very annoying. If I am presented with a type of exercise that I don’t want to do, I just tap the menu button (the 3 yellow dots) and then select one that I do want to do.

If, as sometimes happens with the android version, tapping the menu button doesn’t bring up the new page, I just start the ‘unwanted’ exercise and then immediately exit from it (without answering or skipping anything). I can then choose what I want.

I wouldn’t waste time skipping all the way through an ‘unwanted’ exercise.