Feature request for literal translation and actual word written in sound detection test Feedback

In review of any course, there is a feature where we get multiple voices or where we get to hear only a voice. We reply to it by writing or choosing one of the sounds, it detects our response. It doesn’t show literal translation and spelling of the word written after our response like it does in other features. I want literal translation preferably if actual spelling of word is not possible due to less space on screen.
Sometimes, I attempt on the basis of partial idea. I figure out sound but forget its meaning many a time. That’s why I need its literal translation written there instantly for firm remembrance as it happens in fill in the blanks in review.
I know at the end all the words appear together in a list but that doesn’t serve purpose. Most of the times I go for 50 words review then I can’t search a particular word as I don’t remember which word it is exactly.
The big reason to do it is it would make revision more efficient and we would be able to catch words expeditiously next time.
And, another reason is literal translation is visible in other tests in review. So, why not make it available for these two specific tests where you make us hear three sounds in one test and a sound in another?