[Feature Request] for increased powers for Course Contributors who are now responsible for courses

As someone who has taken on courses that seem abandoned (ie the creator has very few points and checking shows that they have not been active for many years) and may even be shown as “deleted_1234567”, I wonder if we could have our privileges increased?

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Can't create new levels on course

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Hi @BeaTrisy,

In a similar vein to the other thread (named above), Contributors were once meant to be able to do all that a Creator can (except delete a course).

However I now see the definition of a Contributor has changed to reflect what we can’t do (see below).

We can’t add, delete or re-name columns and have to ask one of the MemRise team to do it for us - even on courses that have been abandoned.

(Often a course has been created with a column left with the default name of “English” when it should be “Definition” or “Reference” or “Country”, so the question to match one column with another can be confusing. Or we may wish to delete superfluous columns and add our own for an Attribute that is not say “Pronunciation” and might be a “Date”. This is something meticulous supporters wish to address on worthy courses.)

Is it possible for you to look into this and increase our privileges - please?

And related, would it be possible for courses that are showing as created by “deleted_1234567” to be reassigned to the Contributor (now a Curator or Custodian) when there is only one person looking after it, please?

I just feel it could put off potential users as they might think the course is not supported.

Here are some examples:









Cc @lien

So perhaps re-assigning abandoned courses might be one solution to save us disturbing yourselves.

I am a contributor to several language courses and would really like to be able to rename columns or add new columns in order to disambiguate words. It’s strange we are allowed to rename a whole course and add and delete all the content we want but are not able to do this.

In one of these courses I now use the (previously unused) pronunciation column for “Similar words”. Just trying to make it work within the constraints. But that might not be possible in all courses.

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Hi @duaal,

Thanks for your comments and support.

Yes I did read many years ago that is what was stated, but searching now I have just found it has been revised to reflect actual limitations, (and I have changed my text above).

It was something I raised in the two (if memory serves me well) previous forums.


What can course contributors do?

Course contributors can:

:white_check_mark: create levels
:white_check_mark: add items/words to levels/databases
:white_check_mark: edit items
:white_check_mark: record audio files
:white_check_mark: upload audio files
:white_check_mark: upload images
:white_check_mark: delete audio files
:white_check_mark: delete images

Course contributors cannot:

:x: delete a course
:x: delete a database
:x: add a column into the database
:x: rename a database or column
:x: change testing styles and database options


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I think some safeguards for Creators are important but when a course shows as created by “deleted” or a little investigation shows the creator only has a few thousand points and hasn’t been around for many years, then I think Custodians or Curators ought to have more privileges.

That all seems correct. But there is no mentioning of renaming the course and deleting items and levels.

I had not seen this new support page yet but someone did mention there was no page about course creation. It is only mentioned on the page you linked to and in Report a Translation or Course Error. This adds to the concerns people have been expressing for a while whether Memrise is phasing out community course creation. In light of all of our efforts in course creation (and curating them) it would be nice to know if Memrise is planning to keep community courses.

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also: course contributors cannot increase the font or marking audio review enabled/listening skills

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Audio review? Where could a course creator enable/disable that?

sorry: “audio mode” (of course, only if the creator added audio; on the “details” page)

Oh right, there. I overlooked it and actually expected it in the database testing options.

Hi @BeaTrisy - technically I’m only a Contributor to “5000 Important words in Greek” (far and away the most ‘enrolled’ course for Modern Greek) which I took over from a user ‘memakiano’ who abandoned it years ago. It used to be titled “1692 Most important words in Greek”, but I have added ~3,500 new words to it.

I contribute/manage it at a high level. But I’m frustrated because I don’t own it and cannot make certain kinds of changes to it, like editing the database testing features, which would allow me/us to make it more useful. I did manage to get someone, perhaps it was even you?, a while ago to rename a column and add ‘keyboard’ letters for me.

Course contributors cannot:

:x: delete a course - this one I understand, and am not asking for
:x: delete a database - ditto
:x: add a column into the database - this would be really useful
:x: rename a database or column - this would be useful and has been needed in the past
:x: change testing styles and database options - this is the ability I am currently looking for, we want to experiment with trying some things differently

Can you please help?


Please see this request - specifically for when we are looking after ‘abandoned’ courses:

Please could Contributors looking after Abandoned courses have more powers

Just a thought @neal.p.carey .

You can “Duplicate” a level and select any pair of existing columns for testing the entries on.