Feature request for answer

When an answer contains more than one word (ex: a; b; c) and my (user) answer is not in the right order (ex: b; a; c) then the answer is acceptable.

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I think you need to separate the answers with commas ( , ) instead of semicolons ( ; ) :slight_smile:

I’m just following the original answer. If I use (,) then differing sequences of answers won’t be a problem? and if it’s not an answer by typing a keyboard, it can’t be done.

There has been another thread about this problem with the Chinese courses:

If you read through this thread, you will see that the memrise team are working on a solution.

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Okay, thank you

Sorry, @radenrino, I didn’t realize you were learning the course; I thought you were editing it :slight_smile:

Hi @radenrino, did it happen to the Chinese character levels that you are learning? This should’ve been fixed by us swapping the test direction in Chinese character levels. More details here.