Feature Request- Font Size in App is too small for kanji

The size of the font on the app when using it on my Samsung Galaxy Tab is tiny. It is difficult to see kanji that has any complexity. Is there any way to adjust font size? A lot of space is wasted on the page when the boxes to choose from are 5x5 cm and the largest text on the screen is barely 5mm, and the text inside the box is only 2mm, even the kanji! It doesn’t matter if I use the tablet upright or sideways, the box sizes change shape but the words stay tiny. and the furigana is even smaller than that.


In order to see what the Kanji actually looks like I have to take a screen shot, leave the app, then open my picture gallery, then zoom in, then I know which answer to choose!


I agree. There’s a lot of free screen space in the app. Please fix this.

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Yeah The Japanese Kanji is too hard to read cuz it small


Any screen shot available?

Ill try find one for u


I absolutely agree! I’ve studied Japanese and kanji for decades – something that makes me (sigh!) an “older” student, i.e., one who wears reading glasses to study fine print (!!) I do all I can to maximize my learning – so having to read the tiny kanji via my iOS-based Memrise app creates a barrier to learning that significantly detracts from the app’s overall appeal. While other areas of (english) text can also appear small, but the kana shown on the app are (truly) ridiculously small. PLEASE give us kanji font sizes. For the record, I’m a returning student who studies Instructional Design vis a vis app-based learning, so I’ve surveyed the market (and then some) and while I’m (bizarrely) new to Memrise (I joined for the Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Course) I am no stranger to Learning Theory, Japanese (kanji) or what’s needed for clean learning design. Truly, I’m sorry to say that while a number of features are good, this miniature kana font really cools my enthusiasm. Please know that given there are nearly 10,000 in use kanji (many are “nearly” identical, and a huge number with multiple pronunciations, excluding “compound” kanji) it simply is a MUST to be able to clearly see the 音読み and 訓読み for these characters.


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Same Problem here, Kani, Hiragana and Katakana fonts are way to small in APP and on the Website. Wearing glasses they are very difficult to recognize.

Once again, has anything been done to address the OP’s concerns?

Did you have fix on this issue? Facing same issue but not response from anyone and couldn’t find this topic troubleshooting in google