[Feature Request] Find and add friends

I love Memrise and think it is well done. But I find it disappointing that it has very little to offer with regard to find friends, learning buddies etc. both just from within Memrise and by importing friends from connected social media like Facebook, Google or Twitter. Especially since Memrise already can connect to Facebook anyway.

Other learning apps allow you to easily find who of your friends is also on the same app or maybe even learning the same language and connect to them in the app for learning together.

Another very cool way to do this, maybe even better, would be to have some way to connect with other Memrise users based on certain features, e.g.: can speak the same language(s) want to learn the same language(s), or mutually speak the language the other wants to learn. Again, this would tremendously increase the usefulness of the app.


I do agree. It would be nice to use such features on Memrise. Maybe they will fix that and add those to the site. :thinking:

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I agree. It would be nice to add Mempals by way of Instagram or Twitter.

On the web version of the learning environment …

If you know people’s ID then it’s very easy to find them and add them.

You can also go to your profile (user name) URL and change your ID name to theirs.

eg https://app.memrise.com/user/friendID/

Or if you spot them on the leaderboard of a course you are both doing, add them that way.

But I agree it would be great to be able to do the above from the app.

Cc @MemriseSupport, can you add this to your list of new features, please.