[Feature Request] - erase progress

Hi there I’ve started a long time ago the Japanese course, but i quick it and now I want to get back, but I would like to start from begging. There are any way that I can erase my progress and start it all over again? I couldn’t find it, and that’s why I’m here asking you guys to do this! Would be lovely if you could help me on this one, 'cause I really want to get back but I don’t remember anything anymore so I really want to start from beginning, so I will be waiting this Feature to erase my progress on a course and start it all over again! Thanks a lot!!! :smiley:

@MayaraJUM If you want to restart a course, simply press “Options” on the course page, then Restart, here’s a guide.

Hope this helps! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi @MarshallLanguages thanks a lot for the tip…I’m using the app for Android it doesn’t have this option, would be nice if they could put this option on the app as well, would be way easier…In meter of fact I didn’t realise that I could access it through the browser hahahaha it helps a lot. Gonna try it! Thanks again!! :grin::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Cheers! :tada:, Maybe it is on the app but put in a different way? :thinking: Not sure. But hopefully if it isn’t it’ll be added soon! And shall I close this topic for you @MayaraJUM? As I have the powers to. So that means no-one can post anymore on this, the choice is yours! :heart:

If there are is very well hidden, 'cause I really couldn’t find it hahahaha! I’ll be waiting for it!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Yeah you can do it! Just to updat it…I couldn’t do this through my cellphone, if the app is installed it will keep opening it everytime you try to open the course on the browser, and if you uninstall it (as I did) you will be able to access the course but it won’t have this “option” bar! I could only find it when I access through my notebook :stuck_out_tongue:. Already did it and to work on the app as well, you need to log out and enter again…That’s it Thanks a lot for the help! Have a nice day :blush:

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Problem solved! Happy Memrising!