[Feature request] Enter detailed view from classic review list

Is it possible to click on items of the classic review list and then enter the detailed view of that phrase/word. Would really help because most of the time I can’t read the kanji, I want to listen to how it’s pronounced again.

Not sure what you mean - on Android (!), you can just tap on a word and then the speaker icon to hear it when you’re in the summary view or if you go into a level.
You can also swipe left/right to go to the previous/next word then.

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On iOS, this summary list view that is presented after every classic review is non-interactive. Tapping on individual items on the list doesn’t do anything. It would be good if tapping on an item would bring up the detailed view with the speaker icon.

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Oh, I didn’t know that. I do recall having read that Speed Review is not available on iOS too.

I just checked the summary view after a review session here again, on Android you have the same options/functionality as I described further up.

@MemriseSupport: are there any plans to bring Speed Review and the above functionality to iOS?