Feature Request: editing existing course made by other people just for us OR manually set progress of a course

The way my brain works at translating number is dechipering the number into actual number like 1 2 3, and this is the final product of the process. And this what my brain will memorize.
Like if my mom told me to buy two eggs, considering I already know what egg is. I did not remember “T”, “W”, “O”, and “egg”. But “2” and “egg” instead, you know what I mean?

Most annoying experience of mine in memrise is when I was in the middle of course, and suddenly I realized that… they used string instead of integer/actual number.

So what happened is I need to convert the number from the language I’m trying to learn into actual number, then I need to convert the actual number into the language I’m using for learning (in this case, it’s english). It’s a two process. It makes the test unnecessarily harder especially on speed review.
It would be nice if people start to use actual number rather than a word for… well… number translation.

The options that I’m aware of is creating my own course. Unfortunately, I already progressed into 700++ words in current course and I don’t want to reset. It will be pain in the ass and waste of time. I don’t know how to transfer progress and we cannot just manually set progress.

I wish we have the ability to edit existing course to our liking OR AT LEAST ability to manually set progress.

Thank you for reading my post this far.

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