Feature request: Edit individual cards for us personally

Hi there,

I’m doing a course that’s very confusing, because lots of items share the same or extremely similar definitions, which could be alleviated easily by clarifying them a little.
I cannot contact the course creator, the course has no forum thread, but I’d love to continue doing it without getting angry about “false leeches” which would never be a problem under normal circumstances.


The easiest is to just copy out those entries and make your own private course.

Yeah, this is a 7200 item course. Would take me forever to copy and paste everything manually, especially since I can’t access it all in a proper format.

It sounds like you are going to need to follow the ‘abandoned courses’ procedure:



It would indeed be good if you too over the abandoned course and fixed the issues for others, too.

Which course is it actually (you can post a link to the course)? Any of the (top) learners of that course by any chance active on this forum? Perhaps one of them is already a contributor. If so, yuo can ask that person right here.

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This is the course in question.