[Feature Request] easier methode to a create new course


I’ve found a rather disturbing issue with the creating of a new course.
Every time you type in a translation and press ‘enter’, it’ll redirect you to the box below.
I find this bothersome since this prevents you from typing the next word (in the box at the left).
Now, you have to manually click on the box at the left with your mouse.

Can you please have this fixed as, so that it automatically goes to the left box?

Many thanks

A memrise user

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Is there any way to learn a course on the Android smartphone just like on the website??? And also is there any way to turn on typing for sentences and long words in the android app? Is it possible to make the process of using the web version is more convenient? Maybe some browser? Please help me mobdro

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Designing a Course

  1. Begin the process early, giving yourself as much time as you can to plan a new course. …
  2. Define course goals. …
  3. Determine course content. …
  4. Develop teaching methods and tools. …
  5. Determine how you will evaluate student learning: Plan assignments and exams. …
  6. Select text(s) and other materials.

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