[Feature request] Double input

I’m currently using Memrise to study japanese with my own courses. Japanese has different ways for typing, one word can be written in both kana and kanji.
It would be good to have writing tests with multiple inputs required for a word. For example, if in a writing test appeared the word “fish”, the site would require me to write the kanji “魚” and then the kana “さかな”.
It’s not very useful in this case since I’m literally typing the word twice, but it would be useful if instead of testing kanji and kana, the test showed me a kanji that I need to type both in english and in kana.

I’m currently duplicating courses to test kanji reading and kanji meaning, with this feature I’d be able to test both at the same time.

Not sure if this would help but could your answer require both types to be correct?

eg English word = Language A (Kanji); Language B (Kana) or

Kangi = Kana; English

(You may need to duplicate levels and reverse the testing.)