[Feature Request] Difficulty

I’ve been listening to the book How We Learn: The Surprising Truth About When, Where, and Why It Happens By: Benedict Carey. Ultimately I want to increase the difficulty on my courses.

Years back I tried extremely hard to learn Korean and didn’t. I am reviewing my techniques and sharpening my game. While using memrise I try to avoid looking at multiple choice (until I can recall it in my mind) and even if I know the right answer by deduction but know I missed it I force the wrong answer so it will come up again for review. To me this is annoying to have the ability to accidentally see it since I don’t know if I can truly summon the word from nowhere.

Can you add a feature to remove all multiple choice and leave a blank spot for the answer. In effect you will have the options for either.

The harder you have to work to recall it the more ingrained it will become (ie using notes to recall or straight from a blank memory. This does not count memory tools like sayings or songs / etc). Cheating is just that, cheating yourself out of learning by hints. Using the mems to aid memory should be what we go to not multiple choice.

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As long as Memrise doesn’t provide anything you could try using a script (web only) such as Cooljingle’s “all typing” script. Read on here:

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I’ve never tried using scripts. I know a little javascript but that’s where it stops.

Thanks for the response.

You don’t have to know script languages to use a user script. It’s a bit of a fiddle to install everything, but from then on you can simply utilize such a script.

I agree with this, I’ve thought about this myself a lot of times.

I often use my hand to cover the multiple choice boxes until I have recalled the answer on my own.

It would be great if the choices were hidden until you press a button in the middle of the screen that would then reveal the choices. This would give us time to try and recall the answer on our own before proceeding to submit our answer.

Or at the very least add a small delay before the choices pop up…

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