[Feature Request] Desktop - Number the keys on the typing questions

Hi there! First post here.

Finding it really cool that you guys are rebuilding the desktop side of the app. One of the things I’ve always felt slow unless I had a touch screen was the typing tests, specifically in japanese. It’s fine if the device has a touch screen, but when typing kanji you have to search for each one and click on them individually in the test (accuracy might vary). Therefore I was curious about proposing something! What if for desktop/non touch screen users, you could hit a number/letter or key on the keyboard and it would represent one of the keys that could be selected:

rough illustration:

Other portions of the test have this already so the work to apply this might not be difficult, but probably the trickier part would be applying which key combination to select kanji when you go over 0-9 (maybe with kanji, the sounds they make instead of numbers?)

anywhoo just a random brainstorm :upside_down_face: curious if anyone else would be interested in that sort of thing.

Love your app memrise, thank you for building something way cooler than rosetta stone!

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Perhaps the same for tapping tests?