[Feature Request] Custom amount of words in review sessions

I’m liking the experience of raising up to a higher learning level through Memrise, for sure. Though, I feel like review sessions hold priority over learning (as they’re more “enduring”) and the fact that the highest predefined amount of words that can be reviewed is 100 just… does not sit well with me. Especially since, recalling a similar idea about reviewing entire courses at once (among other things), it seems like review sessions don’t really need artificial barriers when people seem interested in learning to this high of a degree. Either way, there’d just be multiple review sessions to achieve this.

I’m not sure if this should necessarily apply to learning sessions, as breaking it up in to sessions of up to 20 words per time sounds like it works best for memorization without overwhelming users.

The only problems I really see with this is, possibly, for really dedicated users, the accuracy bonus could get ridiculously high if they got 95% or above right on a review session of several hundred words. That might take adjustment. Otherwise, I don’t see much of a point against this.

Hmm that is a good idea you know. I feel like it is so annoying having to review max of 100 and no more @abcdefghdumbo

Thanks for your feedback @abcdefghdumbo! We have had requests in the past for ‘Endless’ review sessions (perhaps with the option to click out?). Is this what you mean?
If we were to add options above 100, what number would you like to see? cc @SalvationThroughChri


Why don’t you utilize a DropDown with a few general values but which alternatively allows users to enter any (integer) value?

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This is definitely more what I had in mind. Sounds like what would make sense to most users, too! If that’s possible, anyway (which I don’t doubt it is, something like 1-65535)?

I would rather users be able to customise the number of terms in a review sessions than an “endless” review, though ideally, that wouldn’t be too bad either. Check out the idea proposed by Olaf.Rabbachin on the main thread.

If system limitations don’t allow for being able to change this value, then… as an alternative, 250 and 500 could be possible options? If users could set their own timbre, though, that’d just be redundant :᠌p

You can have a second review session, there’s no limit.

Maybe up to 500?

Hi all, thanks for your feedback on this. We’ve now recorded your requests. These will be grouped with similar comments from other customers, which we’ll share with the relevant team so they can take them into consideration for future updates :slightly_smiling_face: