[Feature Request] Courses Review

It would be very helpful to have an option to review a random set (from all the courses you have taken - in a given language) of words/phrases. This would be like the current review set you get each day, but you could review as many sets each day as you wish.


This feature is (somewhat) available, albeit on the web only. If you filter your dashboard to only show courses for a given language, you’ll see a blue Review [count] button appear next to the filter drop-down:


This is, however, not a random set of words but rather the words that are to be reviewed according to SRS (the Spaced Repetition System that Memrise utilizes).



Yes, I am aware of this feature and I do use it; it’s great. But, normally there are less than 100 words in my review list (unless I’ve not been to the site for days) and once I’ve completed them, I can’t review more words/phrases from all courses until the blue Review is re-populated. If there was an option to say ‘re-populate’ the blue Review button with 20, 50 or 100 more words/phrases, I could review (all courses for a language) as many times as I’d like.

David Pannone


Of course you can! Just tap the Review icon and you’ll review a random set of words. The count of words depends on your setting. Be aware though that the awarded points will be lower compared to the SRS-calculated review chain (but who cares about that).

Yes, it’s true I can Review each course one at a time, but it would be nice if the Blue review button would always be available (reviewing items from all courses taken, with one click)



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I don’t have an ‘overall’ blue button at all at the top of all courses. Not on Memrise, Not on Decks, not when selecting a specific language, teaching or recently learned. Nothing… (see image)

I feel very unloved by the Memrise severs :grin:.