[Feature request] Course creation - moving words between levels

This sounds a vital feature for course creators : the ability to move a word to another level. Unless there is something I missed, it is possible to move a word within a level, but not to another level. This makes it impossible for example to split a level in two (once some people have started the course), or to make some rearrangement. This would definitely be a feature I would use a lot !


Hi @GnarlyYoyo and welcome to the forum!

I never had the need to move words between levels, but I just tried this out and didn’t succeed either.
@MemriseSupport: is there a way to move a word from one level to another?

I would also like this feature!

Hi @GnarlyYoyo & @lilyfrances288 ,

Unless things have changed …

You can always make levels different sizes from the database.
You can ‘move’ words by a simple proceedure.

Delete the word from the wrong level.
This does not delete the word from the database.
Go to the new level, start typing the new word and it, with all its other columns will appear. Then accept it and save.

Hope that has helped. I know you may want a mass migration.

Finally it does not affect people, it will still be learnt in the new level.

(Incidentally, reversing a level does create an unlearned level which can be great for relearning and being tested the other way once it is fully planted.)

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