[FEATURE REQUEST] Combined review in App

(currently learning german, completed 1-6, on 7 now)
Quick one, I love the review feature on the desktop site. it says at the top “you have 23 words to review” or whatever the number may be, and its every word in that Language you have to review.

however in the app I’ll have to go into each german course and review in there.

Is there some way to group these courses under the umbrella of German the way the website does and then just be able to review all the words that are up for a check?

in a similar vein, the streak clock is only applicable to one course. if I am on a 10 day streak and finish a course, then start onto the next course the clock starts again for that course, so I lose that 10 days previous, if that makes sense.

I think you should be able to group your course on the app the way the desktop site automatically does




No answer or movement on this?

Heya - Sorry for the lack of response. This is something our product team are looking at in the near future! No idea on timeline yet though :slight_smile:

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Ok thank you.

It would just make the daily catch up and review much more streamlined on the phone.

Thanks avain

Great feature. I didn’t even know about it, since always had “Recent Courses” chosen. I.e. if multiple languages are in the list, there is no such button.
Definitely would be great to have it in the app!

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