[Feature Request] Can I search a specific word within a given language in the mobile app

Some days I want to just find a word that I am trying to practice or translate.
Working on 4 or 5 different classes for one language I would like to be able to just type in the word that I’m looking for in either language.
Is there a feature that I am overlooking or can that be added on?
Thank you kindly.

This is my first post.
Longtime Memrise user.

Keep up the good work.

Such feature is not available nor in the web neither in the apps. What we have is multiple requests from users to build it.



P.S. If you have your own course you could search within its database.

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When I’m looking for a particular word, I do a quick word-export for the given course. I’m using the “word export” feature found in the MemriseUtilities script pack. Read more about this here:

Thanks for the great feedback.