[Feature Request] [Bugs]

When doing review or learning I generally want to just do multiple choice questions only. The only option that forces multiple choice only is speed review which also has “3 lives” and an exit on fail. I would prefer to keep going and repeating words on failure instead of having to back out of the session entirely and open it back up again after only getting through 5-6 words.

It would be much quicker for me to remember a word or phrase after seeing it over and over again in a single session and focusing on multiple choice.

So, I have two things to address: [Bug] & [Feature]

  1. [Bug] In the options section of the profile you can choose to force certain review and study options. Turning off jumbled word/typing tests has NOT activated on any lesson I have been studying on. For instance, if I turn off jumbled words/typing tests in the settings, I will still get typing tests in my reviews/learning sessions. When I only want to just do multiple choice. The same is true if I try it on any software or device, including PC/mobile app.

  2. [Feature] Please implement a feature where we can do standard review sessions with ONLY multiple-choice options. There was a user who created a userscript for the old Memrise. But since we can no longer access the old memrise platform or use the scripts that were created for Memrise we now have to default to Memrise’s new features or make our own scripts. Unfortunately, I am not savvy enough with web dev to create such a script to make the review sessions force multiple-choice questions and turn off all typing tests.

Please consider doing something about this. It makes the learning experience far more productive and makes memorizing words much quicker. (Off-topic, but even the community mems were helpful for memorization because people would think of mnemonics or memes to help remember words/phrases that I never would have thought of.) A lot of the old features were very useful. The new platform kind of got rid of many things that made Memrise a highly efficient tool for language learning for me.