Feature request: better dupe word handling and paraphrase grace button

I have two feature requests:

  1. This might be more properly a bug. Sometimes there are multiple words that define the same way, ie word 1=“back”, word 2=“back”. On occasion in multiple choice, you get “back” twice as choices, and you have to guess which is the “right” one. The algorithm should avoid cases like this.

  2. Sometimes word definitions overlap heavily to the point where picking one or another is functionally not important for translation. So if one word translates into “to be concerned” and another is “to worry about”, depending on the language the difference may not be important in terms of conveying information. I am learning Ancient Greek, for example, and there’s a lot of squishy definitions where there may be a variety of words that convey the same general concept, but the definitions in the deck have some varied wording or synonyms. In poetry, this is leveraged heavily since you have a choice of words one can use to fit the meter of the poem.

I would recommend an option that one can turn on to have a “I answered equivalently” or similar button show up if you get an answer wrong. It would be up to the learner to decide if their wrong answer was actually wrong or if the difference in wording in the answer really doesn’t matter. It would have to be a default off option and one would need to activate it in preferences. I hope this makes sense. There’s a similar function in Quizlet, some sort of “I answered correctly” button if I recall.

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