[Feature Request] [Android] Allow users to edit/remove their own mems

Using my computer, I can edit or remove a mem I created.
When using Android app, I can’t. It leads to some ugly issues. I’m used to create mems to illustrate the use of a word ( I can’t memorize raw word without context). I do it regularly, and it happens that I make mistake ( typo, forgot to copy paste a part of the sentence, etc)

Considering, that in 2020, most people use their phone to access apps, I think you should really implements this feature. It would at least allow people to self-correct the mems they created on android

-Also, I saw that on computer, I can report a inapropriate mem. It would me nice to provide this feature on smartphone.


Agreed, it would also be nice to be able to see all the mems I have created within the profile tab on the phone app with features to manage them.