[Feature Request] Allow to review the details of each words after finished each section

(Allay Li89) #1

Hi, Memrise Team,

After finished each section, there is a list of words learned at that section. But DO NOT allow the click the word to see the details of a word.

As to me, I often want to review some words of a section.
For now, the ONLY way is go back to the main page, and click a lesson just learned, and then click the word needed to review, and FINALLY see the details.

Looking forwards to your reply. Thanks.

(Amanda Norrsken) #2

What kind of phone do you have? Android or iOS?

(Allay Li89) #3

I am using iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 12

(Amanda Norrsken) #4

Ah, that might be the reason, because I am pretty sure I can go back and look at each individual word when I use regular “classic review” or “speed review” on my Android phone.