[Feature request] Add reversed questions in review


first of all I would like to say that beta version of the course is very, very good. Especially reviews that require full typing without any suggestions are a killer feature to really precisely learn the language.

Unfortunately what I am missing are review questions that will ask vocabulary in the reversed order.
For example, I’m learning danish and in learning mode there are questions with different order danish->english and english->danish. But when reviewing I am only asked to type in danish.
This would help if there was an option to enable (add additional questions to review) to ask the words in reversed order.


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Hi there @bilb88 ,

There’s lots of discussion on this topic - look for “Reversed” levels.

Many of us add “Reversed levels” to Community courses.

The other suggestion is to restart (ie learning in both directions) a level at a time and ignore words you know well.

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