[Feature Request] Add Persian language or English to English

Hi Memrise
If possible for you, please add the Persian language or Add English to English
We need to learn English for communicating with other people from another country
There is many people that speak Persian and thay become so glad if you add Persian language in your app
We’ll wait for a good news from you


Persian courses are available on the web version of Memrise ( https://www.memrise.com/ ). You will find them under “Middle Eastern”.

The app only lets us join Memrise’s ‘official’ language courses directly. For everything else, we have to start them on the web version and they will then sync to the app so that you can continue them there. Once you have viewed the first item in a course on the web version, the course should start to appear on your app course list.

Persian speakers should be able to find English language courses (‘offiical’ and community-created ones) if their settings are set to “I speak Persian”.

Hope that helps. Good luck!


You made my day. Thanks so much