[Feature Request] Add a word-recall-only mode, make it possible to revisit grammar lessons

I’m currently a few levels into Memrise’s Korean course and I’m overall having a nice time with it. I’ve noticed two functions I wish it had: (1) a mode that exclusively quizzes me on “How do you say this English phrase in Hangul?” and (2) the option to re-visit grammar lessons I’ve already completed.

Regarding the first:
Memrise already has the bones for this tool. In Classic Review, sometimes it gives you [English Word] and asks you to spell out the corresponding Korean word. I wish there were a dedicated game mode to exclusively play this review format, much like how the app has dedicated pronunciation and listening modes. I think it would help me improve my ability to recall words on the fly, without having multiple choice options served to me.

Regarding the second:
Maybe I’m just missing something, but after I complete a level’s grammar lesson, the grammar button grays out and I can’t go back to review what I learned. I completed some of those grammar courses while I was half asleep, and can’t even tell you what I learned. Let me do the lesson again! Please?

That’s all, thanks for your time.

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Just a quick, clarifying update for request #1:

“Active recall” was the term I was looking for. I want a study mode that helps practice active recall.