[Feature Request] Access Community Forums from the App

Hi there,

You’ve probably noticed that I have recently posted a few posts on the forum. I just happened upon the forum while Googling ways to give Feedback to Memrise. Would it be possible to add a way to get to the forums/give feedback through the app? Otherwise I guess I’m checking back every time I remember that this is a thing and Google it :woozy_face: (I don’t check the email that my account is linked to – email overload from all the other emails. Would rather get app notifications).

(I am currently using an Android – not sure if this is a thing for IOS or web)

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I know it’s not your main point, but if you want to stop receiving email notifications from any company there will always be an ‘Unsubscribe’ button at the bottom of the email, it’s been the law since about 1996 so all companies will have it.
Due to a technical bug we’ve temporarily removed the ‘Help’ button from the Android settings page, but when it’s back you can contact support and raise requests there.

Well my main point isn’t emails. My main point is that I don’t check emails, so I wouldn’t receive notifications about any forum related things, and I would like to. I do like that you all are adding the help to the app, but it would also be cool to be able to access forums from the app since you all have them :blush: