[Feature Request] Ability to write/type the (correct) answer after a wrong answer

I’m missing this feature in den the new web version.
I think the flow and elements were something like that…
If my typed answer was not correct, in the next view I saw the answer, my wrong input and had the possibility to rewrite the answer in a textbox (with a green border if correct and red if not) and go forward to the next question if the textbox was empty or correct.
I miss this because…

  • repeat instantly the wrong answer in a correct form was great (and I learned/trained the view-flow during years and now I have to re-train the new view-flow which is really annoying)
  • that was a great way to find failures (at least in longer answers)
  • check or test different correct answers (if there are more correct answers possible, which are not always visible)

I couldn’t agree more. I just came back to the community to say that! :melting_face:

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