[Feature Request] Ability to select multiple levels within a course to review at once

Right now you are able to review all the words in all your course at once. You are able to review all the words up for review in a single lesson. You are able to selectively review individual lessons at once.

But what I find myself wanting more and more often is the ability to select a few levels to review at the same time. I’ll go over a level, then go through a different level, and go through a third. Instead of reviewing 1, 2, and 3 individually - which is okay, but not ideal - I want the ability to select all three levels that I just learned and review them all together. It would give me the ability to mix up my review a little.

You can do this on the web.

I am on the web, how do you do it?

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Click on the upper right-hand box, in my case I have chosen “recently learned”, but you could click on the language you are learning and then your review sessions will include all the courses in that particular language.

Oh, I don’t think I was clear in my language. What I was asking for is something like being able to select multiple of these (labeled 1-5 in the picture below). I guess they’re actually called levels, not lessons.

When you do classic review later, a selection of the words in these levels will be given to you anyway. That’s how classic review or speed review work, the algorithm will select the words for you from all of those levels based on how well you respond to testing. If you have learnt a word really well, then you won’t see it again for a maximum of 180 days.

When you have just finished a level, then the first few reviews will be of the most recent words, but with time you will get a selection from various levels, based on what seemed to be the level of difficulty for you of these words.

I understand that. What I’m asking for is the ability to review a subset of levels I have learned. If I just learned a level, I understand it won’t give it to me for review for another 4 hours. But in some cases, I will learn 2 or 3 levels in an hour, and want to review all of them - together - immediately.

As far as I know, that is not possible now. I have amended your thread title to make it a bit clearer (as a regular on the forum, I was given extra permissions).