[Feature Request] Ability to play again old "Whizz Quiz" comprehension videos

A Memrise new-comer here, after 3 weeks with the app I can say it’s probably my favourite app for learning Spanish and I tried a few. I absolutely love the “real-world-like” experience of Memrise vs just cramming as many disconnected words as possible, with sometimes computer-generated voices. Hearing same phrase by multiple speakers is a genius feature, as is the fact that from “get go” there are real world usages of words/phrases shown.

Now to point: I love the little videos for “comprehension test” AKA “Whizz Quiz” but I really wish I could replay the old ones after the initial session. I understand if perhaps you don’t want to “unlock” all of them to keep as motivating factor, but the ones for older lessons I think should be available somehow, to allow listening to them again.


Agreed! I really hope this will get traction!
I would expect it to take a few listens for a beginner to follow everything. It feels like the only way to get a second viewing in the moment is to get the question wrong? But then you have the options for subtitles --which can also a very useful feature for learning.

Here, here! This feature is great. It really helps us get a flavor of the fast, native spoken language. Plus they are funny! Please, make it possible so we can watch them again! Thanks!

Yes, this new feature is awesome, I really love it, it is such a game changer. It would be great to watch again the videos that were unlocked. Thanks

Agreed! I also find myself missing them in level 2 European Portuguese. I had them pop up regularly during level 1, but not at all more than 1/2 though level 2.

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Yes please! I’m doing Korean and I’ve seen two of these comprehension quizzes, enjoyed them immensely, and was very sad that I couldn’t find a way to rewatch them! Please add a rewatch feature for these!

I agree, I really want to practice with these particularly after completing a course to really get everything ingrained