[Feature Request] A Taiwanese/Hokkien Language Category?

(Valkyrja Freyjasdóttir) #1

I’m trying to put together a course for Taiwanese Hokkien. For now I’ve categorized it as “Chinese (Traditional)”; however, this causes the course to be displayed with the flag of the PRC which is a very politically sensitive issue and would infuriate many Taiwanese. The only other option currently available is to list it as “Other Languages” which would remove it from the Chinese languages completely. Perhaps you can add another language category for “Taiwanese” or “Hokkien” or “Southern Min” along with the other Chinese languages as you have done for “Hakka”? And please don’t use the PRC flag if you do.

Thank you.

(Valkyrja Freyjasdóttir) #2

Here’s my first Taiwanese Hokkien course. It’s currently listed as “Other Language”; however, I would really like to list it properly under Chinese as “Southern Min” at some point (with a non-PRC flag). Thank you.