[Feature Request] 1 VS 1 BATTLES


New to Memrise, I was thinking it’d be pretty cool to have a ‘request to challenge’ feature in the leaderboards. I’ve seen the ‘battle’ option in quite a few mobile games and it might be good for motivation.

  1. Send Challenge - hover over a name in the leaderboards, or your following/followers
  2. Confirm number of points and time limit
  3. Receiver - accept or decline challenge

Then maybe you’d get some badges etc… or do it just for pride.

I’ve (very badly) made a few screenshots of how it may look!


What’re your thoughts?


That’s a little bit dramatic lol but I like the idea.
Memrise don’t seem to like the idea of competition very much tho, considering they removed the global leaderboard.


That may work. But how would the “1v1” work? Explain. :slight_smile:

Good idea. Love the idea of chunking points or time into rounds. Good way to encourage users to recruit their friends too and make learning competitive. Nice one! :+1:

You’d pick somebody else on your course or a friend. Send them a challenge request (almost like a Facebook poke) for example first one to complete 60,000 points in 3 days. Your friend then gets to choose whether they’d like to accept or decline the challenge :slight_smile:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Ah. Get it now. I suggested something similar a while ago. Hope this becomes a feature!

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I feel this is a nice idea, but it is easy on Memrise to cheat :-1:t4:
If someone finds one of those evil “spamming 1 and enter” courses, they are almost impossible to beat (unless you spend all day on Memrise, like I did once in my first year against a kid who was trying to beat me in a homework 1v1)
Also there are some who ignore all but one word, then spam ctrl-v and f5,
It really gets on my nerves.
In addition,:

This can create conflict if they think they cheated, so :sparkles: Memrise :sparkles: (thought I might put emphasis on the great company that gave us all this) might be against this idea :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::angry: