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I was wondering how I could add this to my own course. When doing Japanese courses, if you get the question correct, on the top right-hand corner, it shows a transparent, grey “addition” to the word - be it the hiragana/katakana or definition in English. I want to enable this on my course so when I type the reading for a kanji, on the top right, it’ll show the English definition.

Here are two examples of what I mean:

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Same here. I’ve been wondering about that.

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Hi @TheFour-GatedDanzig and @RyouBakura,

Others may give a better answer, but from memory, I think the data is put in the first attribute column which is set to appear at or after a test.

(Sadly, currently we are not able to move columns around as one might by dragging on a Spreadsheet, so you might need to move exiting data to a new attribute column and rename the first one.)

The learner needs to set “more” too, I think.

I think there are some “How to” about it.

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I tried to play around with adding a column but to no avail. :sweat_smile:

@Niffer, you’ve enabled this in your course https://www.memrise.com/course/1190569/3000-n1-vocabulary-ri-ben-yu-dan-yu-supidomasuta/

Do you mind sharing how?

Thanks @DW7, your instructions weren’t really correct, but it did point in the right direction.

@TheFour-GatedDanzig So in course edit, hover over the column and you’ll get a pencil icon.

Press on it and then press on Always Show

This will make the words in the column appear on the side when they aren’t the ones being tested on.
As in: I did this to the English and Kanji columns, so when I’m testing on Kana, the Kanji will appear and when I’m testing on reading, the English meaning will appear.
Also, it’s nice to note that you only do this one time and not once per level.


Thank you so much!

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Great - that’s what I meant by show at a test.