Favorite Hobby?

Hello everyone :wave: Today I decided to ask what your favorite hobby is. I enjoy reading books, writing books, creating designs on Canva and learning languages on Memrise, Quizlet or Duolingo. Please feel
welcomed to list down some of your favorite hobbies as well :blush:

I enjoy taking care of lizards and animals in general. :lizard: Screenshot 2021-07-21 125012 (This is my pet eastern blue tongue lizard from Australia).


I love reading books and writing books too. Dying to be an author, and I also love interior designing. :upside_down_face:

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That’s so cool :+1: I also love animals

:+1: Awsome, I enjoy the same things.

Lol, just realised your name is Isabelle. My name is Isabel too. :laughing:

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Hehe that’s cool :grinning::laughing::+1: