Failing to upgrade to lifetime subscription

Hello all,

I’m trying to upgrade my monthly to a lifetime subscription but this seems to be impossible.

  • Description of the issue: I’m trying to follow the search engine result which points to www dot memrise dot com slash premium but I’m getting redirected automatically app dot memrise dot com slash dashboard (apologies for the dots and slashes but I seem not to be allowed to post URLs) so there is no chance I can select this option. When I open a new browser window in private mode (which means that does not know that I have an account there), I do not get redirected. However, at the final step after entering my credit card details, there is an error message telling me that I already have a subscription.

I tried canceling the monthly subscription but the problem persists.

  • Your device and browser details Memrise app on iOS and Firefox on MacOS
  • Description of steps to reproduce the issue See above.
  • Do you have any screenshots of the problem? No.

Hi @andreholzner, as you are already subscribed, the system won’t allow you to subscribe again. However, we’ve now revoked your subscription so that you can upgrade. Please make sure you’ve cancelled your subscription with Apple.

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