Extra letter (typo) in [Basic Arabic Vocabulary 1] by Ibrahim.Shakoor

In @Ibrahim.Shakoor’s Basic Arabic Vocabulary course, level 27 :

“the passport agent” is given as:
مُوَظَّفُ الْجَزوَازَات

Since I don’t know Arabic I’m not sure that’s wrong, but based on the words given for passport and phrases with passport earlier in the level, it really looks like there’s an extra letter there - the first ز in the second word doesn’t belong. Also, the voice recording says that word without that ز sound. So I think it’s a typo.

I don’t think the course creator is on this forum, but there’s no other way to try to communicate with them since Memrise took away the course forums :frowning: They used to pay attention there, and fix problems, but we’ve lost access to all the problems reported there that didn’t get fixed yet. I think this was one that I already posted there a long time ago.


Hi @cos !
It’s a pity that Memrise has kinda left all the support go to waste… and since there’s no way to contact Ibrahim, i’d like to ask for your opinion/help with the course.

I’m stuck in the very beginning, trying to write “هَذَا كِتَاب” . Can’t do it due to the fact that the on-screen keyboard has no vowels, and i can only write “هذا کتاب”, which is not accepted.

How did you get around it?

The course I was discussing had all answers in English, so I never needed to type anything in Arabic. So I would never have encountered that problem, or gotten around it.

I think memrise may have twisted some of the community-created courses in the mobile version and flipped questions and answers around, so you may be shown what the course creator put in as the answer, and you have to enter the question. Maybe that’s what you’re encountering. If so, it’s yet another way memrise is abusing the community-created courses, using them in a way they were never designed for by their course creators. If that’s that is happening to you, just avoid mobile, and only use the web site.