Export word list to CSV option missing


I noticed that the option of exporting word lists to CSV is missing. Is it a bug, or is it permanently gone?
It was really helpful to have found it a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been using it since for generating vocabulary tests and transferring word lists between different students. It would save me tons of time if it was available again.



It’s true that Memrise doesn’t include a way to download courses, but there are currently two ways to work around it. One is the browser script, Memrise Utilities, and the other is a plug-in for Anki called Memrise-to-Anki.

Both are discussed in this thread: Edit an Existing Course.


Thank you so much for the instructions. I really appreciate it. I am able to replace the missing “Export to CSV” option with only a tiny bit of a hustle;)

I just want to point out, that I had this “Export to CSV” option available in my “Advanced” tab of list editing. It’s been gone for a few days now and I was just wondering if it’s gone for good or if it’s coming back anytime soon.