Existing Hindi-English pairs NOT taken from database when using Bulk Add

Normally, when adding words with ‘Bulk Add’, the algorithm searches the course database and if the exact pair already exists, it uses the entry from the database, retaining all properties that are already in the database such as part of speech, audio and even the learning progress of the learners.

However, When Bulk adding Hindi-English pairs a level, it adds also entries that already exist. For example, “अध्यापक teacher” is already in the database (spelled exactly like that). Using Bluk add, using exactly this stroke, it creates a new entry. (Note: the space between अध्यापक and teacher is a Tab character, but here in the forum I cannot type a tab. When using the Bulk Add feature, there is a tab.

On the other hand, in a Korean-English course, when adding the pair “비록 although”, it takes it nicely from the database, as it should.

The issue has been observed with this course: https://www.memrise.com/course/914885/teach-yourself-hindi-rupert-snell-with-audio

@BeaTrisy any solution appreciated! Do you need any more info?

PS: there is also a threat describing three issues in ‘Course Creator’s Corner’ to ask for feedback before reporting it as a bug. No feedback so far. Also, the thread reports three issues, but a bug report should contain only one issue.