Excessive amount of Classic Review lessons, No Speed Reviews or Difficulty Words

For a few weeks now, it seems the algorithm for automatically picking my next lesson has broken. I’m getting a large load of Classic Reviews (over 100 words a day) and getting zero Speed Review or Difficult Word lessons automatically served up. And only getting a small number of Words & Phrases lessons offered to me.
This problem arose as I neared the half-way point in the “5000 Most Frequent Spanish Words” course.

I noticed the exact same thing. I used to get s speed review once in a while, which is nice to quickly find words that I don’t know we’ll anymore, but I don’t see it anymore. Same thing for difficult words.

About difficult words, I also have the feeling that difficult words are sometimes removed from the list, because I never have many in the list, although I make mistakes regularly.

Memrise team has changed several learning algorithms recently, see my comment here. As far as I understand, they have changed speed review algorithm, too, which now affects repetition cycles, whereas previously it did not. Specifically, if you are doing speed reviews, you will get less classic reviews for those items (personally, I don’t like this innovation). All in all, it seems as if they don’t recommend speed reviews now.

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Could you reverse this decision in regards to speed reviews? See my previous comment in the thread.
It affects repetion cylces in a negative way, because of reducing classic reviews.